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Not just “locally owned and operated”–We live here! We are your neighbors, supporting the community and local businesses.

We pride ourselves in customer service, quality products and superior installation. Competitive and affordable pricing, both residential and commercial, we offer a wide selection for all your floor covering needs. Visit our showroom where you can touch, feel and experience to make the right choice for you and your home. Questions that you may have can be answered by our specialists. Need it today? Check out our quality in-stock carpet, many styles and colors available.



Preventative Maintenance

The Best Flooring cannot survive Improper Maintenance. Spend time studying: 1) Right cleaning Method  2) Right cleaning Tools 3) Right Cleaning Solutions!

  • Prevent Tracking Dirt-Use mats
  • Reduce Direct Sunlight-Shades
  • Furniture-Wide Based Protectors
  • Trim Pet’s Nails-Avoid Scratches
  • Wood & Laminate-Dry Dust Daily
  • Never use Sudsy Cleaners on Floors
  • Use Recommended Brand Cleaners
  • Detergent on Grout Causes Mildew
  • Damp Mop Tile-1x/wk. R2X

Your routine cleaning can be done with a neutral PH Balanced household or commercial cleaner–depending on the application. Check Manufacturers Recommendations.

I’m Floored?

Cleaning “Know-How”

With the right tools, cleaners and “know-how,” maintaining your floors on a routine basis can be a cinch! There are two basic kinds of floors:  hard floors and soft floors–hardwood-vinyl types or carpet types:

Hard or Soft:

Hard surfaces like vinyl, hard wood, ceramic, and laminates are subject to the same kinds of household soil as carpet. Vacuuming or sweeping regularly is key.
Manufacturers supply specific maintenance procedures in brochures and on their web sites. We recommend learning and following manufacturers specifications–A maintenance routine that will keep your floors beautiful for years to come.